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Class: Cockle Shell Fichu

Class: Cockle Shell Fichu

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noun: fichu; plural noun: fichus

A small triangular shawl, worn around a woman’s shoulders and neck (From Oxford Languages).

You will love how this fichu is so luxurious and soft, adding a bit of glamour to a casual or elegant outfit.

Worked from the bottom up, the fichu is started with one repeat of the main stitch pattern, a traditional Shetland lace pattern called “Cockle shell”. After completing one motif, two more are added on either side by backwards-loop cast-ons of 19 stitches; this process is repeated after completing each “Cockle Shell” pattern vertically.

Pattern and photo by Vera Marcu.  Check out more of her fantastic designs on Ravelry and her Instagram!

Cost of the class includes:

  • Pattern (let us know if you would like us to add this to your Ravelry Profile, or email you a copy).
  • Yarn (your choice of solid color fingering from the shop)

Materials needed for this class include:

Recommended skills needed before attempting this class:

  • Long tail cast on or thumb method cast on, knowing how to knit and purl stitches

Class is Saturday, February 24 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Classes are non-refundable, so please check your calendar to make sure you can make each meeting.  If something comes up, you can check with us about a reschedule, but it is at our convenience and discretion, and the make-up class must be taken within 90 days, and contingent on the class being offered again in the future.

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