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Homerun Hat Kit - Used MLB Intact Ball Option

Homerun Hat Kit - Used MLB Intact Ball Option

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Homerun Hat Kit is made from a deconstructed Major League Baseball. It includes most everything you need to knit a hat (there is only enough yarn for *one* hat). This is such a fun project you may want to make more than one. Most any baseball fan would love to have one, and it is sure to get attention whenever worn.

This is a fantastic way to reuse something that may have ended up in the landfill. Most MLB balls are tossed after one hit of the bat (maybe more in a practice) so that makes for quite a few balls laying around. Each ball has three layers of yarn, which is enough to make a hat!

The baseball has been deconstructed, the yarn is then skeined, washed, conditioned, dried, and caked, ready for knitting. This isn't the softest yarn so you may wish to consider adding a fleece lining once finished, but it can be worn as knitted. Occasionally the midtone dk yarn is thin in spots. I am told this is due to a powerful hit to the ball by a batter, which may be true, but it could have also been thin during manufacturing of the ball. As these balls have been in play, you should expect that their may be some dirt residue and/or scuffing of the leather and/or logo(s). I try my best to be sure you will have at least one good logo to use as a tag on the hat from each ball.

In this kit, you get:

  • a printed pattern to make either the Single, Double, or Triple stripe hat (the pattern has directions for deconstructing the ball)
  • one used official MLB baseball by Rawlings (condition may vary)
  • red floss for sewing the tag onto the finished hat
  • a stitch marker or progress keeper of my choice

This pattern has been a hit on the crafting site Ravelry, reaching #1 on the Spotlight Debut Patterns List.



*** All of the balls I have were collected by a former bat boy, and some balls may have the date of the game, location, teams, and/or player information written on them.  Please expect light dirt and smudges to the leather, as they were used during a game and/or practice.***

As the ball is sealed I can't tell the actual color(s) of the yarn, or if there would be a few breaks in the yarn from power batters. Any breaks can be connected by wet splicing (the most I have found in deconstructing about 15 balls is three in a single ball, and only in the first layer of yarn).

You should be aware that as this is a kit, you will not receive a finished hat, and will not receive all items used as props in the photos - this should go without saying, but I have to put it out there. It is also non-returnable (mostly because once you start using the kit it would be difficult to resell). If you should have any problems or issues, contact me directly and I'll see what we can do to remedy things for you.

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