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Sweater School Orientation

Sweater School Orientation

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This is advanced planning for an upcoming set of sweater classes in August and September.  This is not a class, but more of an orientation prior to the class starting.  You should plan on spending 1 hour of time minimum during the window selected (meaning if it is from 3:30 - 6:30, you can come from 4-5pm).

During this time we will check the pattern and techniques along with your skill level.  Next we'll explore yarn options for the pattern of your choosing.  A 50% deposit is required, and I will be ordering yarn to try to ensure there is a sweater quantity that arrives prior to the class.  

Attending the registration will help guarantee your spot in the future class.  Pattern change may be needed to ensure it matches your skill level.

If you need a different date option, please call the shop to make arrangements.

Classes & orientations are non-refundable, so please check your calendar to make sure you can make each meeting.  If something comes up, you can check with us about a reschedule, but it is at our convenience and discretion, and the make-up class must be taken within 90 days, and contingent on the class being offered again in the future.
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