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Uniquely Whimsical Felted Sheep

Uniquely Whimsical Felted Sheep

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I just love these adorable felted sheep from Uniquely Whimsical!  And you know since they come in blue, I just couldn't resist!  I'm going to let Angela (the creator) tell you more about them...

"All of our items are Uniquely hand crafted in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains by our Whimsical artisan Angela.  We want all of our creations to delight and inspire all ages, but they are not intended for persons under the age of seven and are not to be used for around food preparation or flame.  We hope that our products bring you as much joy as we have in creating Uniquely Whimsical."

Coming out of Sutton in Braxton County, The Blue Ewe is proud to support local West Virginia and Appalachian artists.  Sizes are listed as width x height x length...

  • Tiny Size is approximately 1.5" x 2" x 3"
  • Small Size is approximately 2" x  3" x 4"
  • Large Size is approximately 2.5 x 4" x 6.5"

See something that you like, but wish it was smaller/larger, in a different color, etc.?  Let me know and I'll get with Angela and we will see what we can do to make your dream a reality.

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