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HiyaHiya Interchangeable Tool With Needle Grips

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Tool With Needle Grips

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Used together with one needle grip, the interchangeable tool allows you to use the leverage from the lifeline hole to tighten your HiyaHiya Interchangeables.  You can also use the grips without the tool for a quick and easy set. Each packet contains 2 rubber discs and one tool.

How to use:  Insert the needle tip into the cable connect and hand tighten.  Next, insert the tool into the lifeline hole and wrap one needle grip around the needle.  Screw tightly.  Use the tool and grip or two grips in the same way to unscrew your needles.

Please note that these grips come in an assortment of colors, and your purchase could vary from the color shown in the picture.

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