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Malabrigo Book 15 - Time for HATS!

Malabrigo Book 15 - Time for HATS!

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Malabrigo presents 16 beautiful hat patterns, differing in texture & color, weight & thickness, and the knitter's skill level.  There are plenty of hats to choose based upon your ability or your climate and range from simple structure with single colors to complex, brioche designs for the needed extra warmth.

Yarns to use: Sock, Ultimate Sock, Mechita, Arroyo, Rios, Mecha, Rasta. These luxurious yarns are made from 100% Uruguayan superwash merino wool for easy care.  The wool comes from sheep raised in Uruguay, a beautiful country with a long history of hand crafting, and with stunning landscapes that are the inspiration for Malabrigo's rich and striking palettes.  


Included patterns are:
  • Cardona & Jacinta by Alexandra Davidoff
  • Carlos by Gabriella Calderini
  • Carmela by Jennifer S Toland
  • Clara by Katrin Schubert
  • Eden by Emily Dormier
  • Estrella by Audrey Drysdale
  • Isabel by Alexandra Tinsley
  • Lucia by Cheryl Murray
  • Maldonado by Jessica Gore
  • Mariscala & Neptunia by Cori Schrader
  • Regina by Sara Huntington Burch
  • Rivera by Katie Westermann
  • Rosario by Barb Brown
  • Sarandi by Yoko Hatta
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