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Malabrigo Book 18: Rios & Washted

Malabrigo Book 18: Rios & Washted

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Malabrigo presents beautiful shawls, cardigans, outer wear and other women's garments in an assortment of techniques including slipped stitches, brioche, cables & colorwork in the beautiful colorways of Malabrigo's worsted weight yarns.  Ranging in difficulty from Intermediate to Experienced, there is a wonderful pattern within to keep you engaged and warm on the coldest days.

These luxurious yarns are made from merino wool, grown & dyed in South America, a beautiful country with a long history of hand crafting, and with stunning landscapes that are the insipiraion for Malabrigo's rich and striking palettes.  Enjoy the nuances and vibrancy of Malabrigo with another excellent pattern collection.

Please click on any link below to view a gift kit which includes this book and enough yarn to complete the selected pattern!  After all, pattern books should come with yarn. (Coming Soon!)

    Worsted Weight - Rios & Washted

    • Amélie - Lace Leaf Shawl by Bea Naretto
    • Aria Mitts by Nadia Elgawarsha
    • Brigette - hat by Jane Richmond
    • Don Angie - Berry Pattern Cowl by Barb Brown
    • Left Bank - Yoke Cardigan by Yoko Hatta
    • Magnolia - Top Down Pullover by Yoko Hatta
    • Margaux - Patterned Shawl by Faina Goberstein
    • Mimi - Lace Pullover by Jacqueline van Dillen
    • Morandi - Side Slit V-Neck Tank by Jaclene Sini
    • Rahi - Cardigan by Sarah Hatton
    • Sevilla - Cable & Shell Shawl by Mari Tobita (Cover)
    • Tartine - Welted Cowl by Hanna Maciejewska
    • Via Carota - Lace & Texture Cowl by Kristina Vilmaite
    • Westville - Brioche Hat & Scarf Set by Katrin Schubert
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