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Symfonie Flora

Symfonie Flora

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The beauty of the natural dyes that have adorned Indian fabrics for centuries inspired us to create natural yarns that honor the country's unique textile legacy. Our rich cultural tapestry is shown by these marvels of naturally dyed yarn, which are the essence of Flora.

The enticing color indigo has a special place in our hearts and history, marking the beginning of our journey. We created two soulful blues that encapsulate the spirit of our country, making use of the enigmatic plant. We didn't stop there; our research for naturally dyed yarn continued. We turned to the marigold, a blossom intertwined with our daily lives, graced us with its deep golden yellow, infusing our palette with the radiant warmth of the sun.

Flora yarn's natural color palette gracefully bloomed, adding delicate shades of a soft rose and deep rust, both lovingly derived from the bountiful madder root. In crafting this exquisite natural yarn, we've woven a narrative that celebrates custom and heritage, evoking the earthy beauty of our surroundings. Within this palette, we have seamlessly intertwined the rich heritage of natural yarns, combining madder root and alkanet to create a calming ecru color that reflects elegance and serenity.

Each skein of Flora yarn delivers 240 yards (220 meters) of pure, enduring color. It's a testament to the unbreakable bond between nature and our textiles. Every color captures the spirit and essence of our country in a single skein, telling a story of craftsmanship and tradition.

  • Fiber:
    100% Naturally Dyed Superwash Merino - DK
  • Skein Size:
    3.5oz (100gm) / 240yd (220m)
  • Care:
    Machine wash. Cold. Dry flat
  • Per 10cm (4"):
    22-25 sts / 28-32 rows
  • Needle Sizes:
    3.25-3.75mm / 3-5 US
  • Crochet Hook:
    F (3.75mm) - G (4.50mm)


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