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Symfonie Luna

Symfonie Luna

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Savor the opulent embrace of Luna yarn, a silky and merino blend that perfectly captures the spirit of grace and softness. This exquisite 75% merino wool and 25% silk yarn is a union of two remarkable fibers, and the result is a textile masterpiece that shimmers with the gentle caress of light.

Luna yarn's vivid color scheme, which includes 16 entrancing shades, adds even more charm to the yarn. All the colors of this soft yarn are inspired by the priceless gemstones that can be found in our verdant surroundings, ranging from the rich blue of sapphires to the deep red of rubies to the lush green of emeralds.

Your creativity will run wild when working with Merino silk yarn; you'll see yourself wearing sweeping shawls that drape like a moonlit night, dreamy cowls that envelop you in coziness and warmth, and accessories that have an iridescent glow.

With 200 yards (182 meters) of this ethereal yarn in each skein, this Merino silk yarn offers a boundless canvas for creative endeavors. It's more than just thread; it's a love story, a romance with every stitch. The softness of the merino wool and the sheen of the silk merge seamlessly, creating a texture that feels like a whisper against your skin. Discover the magic of this soft yarn and let your creations shine with the brilliance of our inspired gemstone hues.

Fiber:  75% Merino & 25% Silk DK
Skein Size:  3.5oz (100gm) / 200yd (182m)
Care:  Cool gentle hand wash in wool detergent
Per 10cm (4"):  20-24 sts / 28 rows
Needle Sizes:  3.5-4mm / 4-6 US
Crochet Hooks:   2½-3mm (US C-D)
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