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Symfonie Viva

Symfonie Viva

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Within our creative sanctuary, our skilled colorists possess an ancestral understanding of the mercurial temperament of dyes, a wisdom cultivated through generations. Their deft touch guides the hand-dyeing process with a tenderness that gives birth to Viva yarn, a superwash wool yarn of unparalleled versatility.

This soft and luxurious machine-washable merino wool yarn is known for its smooth texture, vibrant colors, and ease of use, making it perfect for crafting a wide range of projects, offering over 60 resplendent semisolid and variegated eye-catching shades to subtle, earthy tones to suit any project or personal style, each a testament to their mastery. Viva, a merino yarn of dreams, is a treasure trove of 240 yards (220 meters) per skein. This gorgeous Superwash wool yarn is ideal for everything from lightweight garments and accessories to home decor comforts like pillows and throws. Viva yarn is a symphony of comfort and durability.

Viva yarn's versatility extends beyond just knitting and crocheting. Crafters often find it a valuable addition to their crafting arsenal for other creative endeavors like weaving, tassels, and fringe work. Its supple nature also lends itself well to experiments with texture, allowing for intricate and captivating results.

  • Fiber:
    100% Superwash Merino DK
  • Skein Size:
    3.5oz (100gm) / 240yd (220m)
  • Per 10cm (4"):
    22-25 sts / 28-32 rows
  • Needle Sizes:
    3.25-3.75mm / 3-5 US
  • Crochet Hook:
    F (3.75mm) - G (4.50mm)
  • Care:
    Machine wash cold. Dry flat
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