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World of Inspiration Yarns - Worsted

World of Inspiration Yarns - Worsted

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When looking to order new yarns, I try to talk to and listen to you, the customer who walks through the door at The Blue Ewe.  In some instances you want a good, everyday workhorse yarn.  A lot of my conversations revolve around a special yarn someone found while traveling.  Something not available everywhere.

World of Inspiration Yarns really drew me in and began stirring some emotions the creative side of me when I stumbled on them.  I could tell there was a good amount of thought and preparation that went into creating the combination of colors.  Even colorways I didn't think I liked initially, after further looking at them I knew it was something I had to try and get for the shop.

- 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool
- 4 ply, Worsted/Aran Weight, 100 g, 219 yards
- Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Dry flat.

If using more than 1 skein in a project, it is highly recommended to alternate between skeins every few rows, as there will be variations between skeins due to the hand dyeing process. 

**Darker colored, highly saturated yarn, may have some color release when washed. Highly recommend to hand wash again before starting your project. Mixing wash with distilled white vinegar or a small amount of rubbing alcohol will help. Helpful to add color catcher sheets to your wash.

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